The Asset Management Company

We are experts
in exploring
and discovering opportunities

We know that together we can achieve our objectives, that our commitment is such that we will share whatever goal we set ourselves. We have the ability to see and understand where others are not reaching, that is why we will explore opportunities, markets and businesses together, with solvency and flexibility, adapting to each space, at each moment, knowing how to calculate risks.

We look to the future and propose different growth and development ways, for investors and owners. We accept the challenges and propose a path of discovery, the challenge is exciting.


Well-defined objectives, the key to success

Knowing what the goal is, defining the objectives well, starting from a realistic and honest scenario is fundamental for us. Generating promises is easy, fulfilling them is quite another thing. That is why we believe in achievable, measurable objectives and we put all our means to reach them.

We know what we are talking about and we do not promise what we cannot deliver. We know where we are going before we go out, and we are 100% involved in everything we do.

Going step by step is the basis for getting far

Time, knowledge and experience have taught us how to do things. As important as knowing where you are going is knowing when is the time to complete the journey. The opportunities in our sector have a lot to do with timing and in this we are true experts.

Our strength is knowledge, our Know-how is one of our greatest assets and this makes us appear solid and solvent to our clients.

The results speak for themselves

We believe in action, in demonstrating more by doing than saying, that is why we trust our results so that they speak of us and for us, of our commitment, of our way of doing things, of our seriousness and rigor. We trust them because We work hard so that they meet the expectations of our customers.

We get involved and take on each project as if it were our own, understanding that the success of our clients is also ours.


30 years and we keep adding experiences

We have witnessed the profound changes that the sector has experienced.  We have had the ability to adapt, without forgetting who we are and where we come from, and we have evolved to continue in the market and reach the point where we are today.  Our experience translates into capacity, solvency, in developed projects, but above all in an important analytical vision that allows us to anticipate and foresee changes and trends in the sector, discover opportunities and continue generating value for our clients.

Salvago is born (1991-1995)

First asset management, land development and comprehensive real estate management operations.

Large projects such as various Urban Master Plans located in some regions of Spain, such as Seseña, Mérida, and León.

Expansion in Andalucía, Spain (1996-2004)

Opening in Seville, Córdoba, Almería, Granada and Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.

Consolidation of the company as an integral manager for large real estate companies, mainly in Andalucía.

Internationalization: Argentina and Mexico (2005-2010)

Office openings in Buenos Aires and Mexico City.

Operations begin in Latin America with management and acquisitions in both countries.

Of particular note are the purchase of the ” Pueblo El Torreón ” land in Argentina, and the acquisition in Mexico of the ” Islas del Mar ” development.

Operations as manager for top-tier companies in Spain continue. In 2007, ” El Torreón ” received the Summit of Cities Award from SIMA.

Operations (2011-2015)

International growth continues.

Management in the acquisition of 24,000 m2 of land in Mendoza, Argentina, for the ” Vistacruz ” project.

New Opening: USA (2016-2020)

Office opening in Scottsdale, Arizona. Management in the purchase of land in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The company receives the award for the best real estate company in Mendoza, Argentina.

Launch of projects in ” Islas del Mar,” El Torreón ” and the first phase of “Vistacruz ” obtaining, in the latter, sales in record time.

ADLANTO (2021)
Salvago is now ADLANTO,
The Asset Management

The power of team building

Collaboration is the best way to achieve our goals. We know how important it is to work as a team to achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves, an idea that we defend within the organization, with the different delegations and teams, and outwards, in our relationship with clients and suppliers. Talking about a team is talking about sharing objectives and strategy.

We recognize the value of people, but above all the ability to collaborate with each other.

Global reach, local knowledge

We think globally, we act locally. Our national teams perfectly know their environment and its singularities, thus they can give a precise answer to the needs of our clients and their projects. We are a company connected to the local reality. We tackle our projects with a local vision, working globally thanks to the interconnection between countries, with each one of them contributing with their own experience for specific projects.

Ignacio Moreno

Founder & CEO

Roberto Oehler

Country Manager

Juan Pablo Bernal

Country Manager
North America

Natalia Santa Olalla


Borja Vallejo


Nacho Moreno


Julio Palma

Technical Director

Arturo Elizondo

Project Finance Director

Juan José Rodríguez

Sales Manager Spain

Laura García


Juan Pablo Ramírez


Javier Yancarelli

Technical Director

Juan Carlos Astrain

North America

Álvaro Moreno

USA Manager

Ernesto Rosas

Technical Director
North America

Fernando Vargas

Legal Affairs
North America