and responsible decisions

We know that as a company we must ask ourselves many questions, that we cannot ignore. We think carefully about any decision, knowing that each one of them has an impact, consequences. We keep aware of all areas, in the business itself, but also in the social and environmental issues that come with it. It is not the easiest or simplest road, but it is a challenge that we embrace: our commitment.

We are aware of the time in which we live and sensitive to a new reality.

Harena Foundation

In 2007 we established the Harena Foundation, from that beginning we involved a group of friends and family to participate and contribute, with “their grain of sand”, a fairer and more supportive society.

The Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable, promoting solidarity and voluntary assistance as elements that enable personal enrichment and the creation of a better society.

Get to know Fundación Harena and help us change their lives.